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Prior to recent historic floods in Mozambique, Amelia Manuel lived in a
farming community near the Zambezi River where she supported her family of
three by harvesting cassava, potatoes, bananas, rice and corn. She lived on a
fertile piece of land in a comfortable, traditional house made of wood and mud,
the typical building materials of her region. more

CPR Classes in Ventura County

If you waited until the last minute to get certified, contact us ASAP. We can tailor a 1-on-1 class to fit your schedule.

As survivors of Greensburg's devastating tornado continue to assess the damage
to their homes, the Red Cross remains at the scene, supporting individuals and
families with safe shelter, nutritious meals and personal care items. more

The eyes of a child are full of innocence, imagination and wonder. One moment
a child believes that she is a princess in a fairy tale; the next an astronaut on
a space mission chasing aliens. But in moments such as the recent flooding in
New Jersey, children see reality as it really is regarding a disaster. more

For more than 60 years, U.S. presidents have proclaimed March to be Red Cross Month,
providing local chapters a special opportunity to promote Red Cross programs and
services and celebrate their ties to their communities. In recent years, many chapters
have also begun to use Red Cross Month as a forum for educating their elected officials. more

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